I am doing an A-level project on Enzymes in fruit juice production, do you use them?

We process our apple juice in quite a different way from most producers. What we do is simply crush the apples, squeeze the juice out, let it settle, and then put the juice in bottles. I'm sure you will find from your research that other companies use Cellulase to increase yield and Pectinase to give a clear juice - we feel these can also denature flavour molecules and we prefer the look of natural juice anyway. A point which links to this is that many producers are trying to make a uniform product, which always looks and tastes the same (hence the use of enzymes). We do not want to do this, we press individual varieties and want each one to be true to itself - some varieties have lots of pectin and are cloudy, some have less and are clear. It also varies depending on when the apples were picked and what the weather was like as they were growing. Our customers like this variation and the idea of a natural product.

The only thing we add is a little Ascorbic Acid (also known as Vitamin C) which is an anti-oxidant. It helps to prevent the juice turning brown (just like putting lemon juice on a cut apple)

One other point not to forget is that there are many natural enzymes in the apples themselves - It is the natural enzyme controlled cell processes which create the flavours in the first place.

I hope this helps with your assignment and Good Luck with your A-level exams